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“I am here to show that everything is possible,” declares Kash Johns, the founder of Winners Circle Music Worldwide Publishing & Management. Kash created a multi-faceted business that includes a management firm, a publishing company, and a recording studio compound. Winners Circle Music lives up to its name, producing songs with over 100 million records sold, 81 #1 hits  in an ever-growing trophy case. The company is the product of an enterprising, studious mind who brought his vision to reality and used the platform to empower others. “We are a one-stop-shop,” Kash explains, with his hand in every aspect of song-making.

Winners Circle Music is all about drive. Mantras like “real relationships bring real results” and “committed to executing consistently” echo in Kash’s office, which adjoins his 8,000-square foot Atlanta studio. Among his two dozen clients are hit-making producers such as Go Grizzly (Future), Smash David (Khalid), Turn Me Up Josh (Lil Durk), London Jae (Cardi B ), and Pooh Beatz (DaBaby). “My formula is this: five #1 Billboard Top 100 records at 50% publishing will guarantee you to be a millionaire,” Kash regularly stresses to his roster. With its talent scattered across the country, Plaques decorate Winners Circle Music / I AM Studios - Atlanta, featuring nine recording rooms and rehearsal space.

 Kash describes a driven, selfless, and collaborative environment among his roster and staff. One of the things he tells hungry artists is, “Everybody with a plaque in here has made a choice to create, execute, and get things done.” Motivation is the writing on the walls.

Having signed a partnership with Warner Chappell Music and three-time winner of BMI’s “Citation of Achievement ” award, Kash is proud to be involved with every stage of a song. “Management teaches you how to work with people. Publishing shows you how to put the records together, hands-on. “The studio gives you the environment to be a fully-operational machine. I’m currently committed to partnering on the record label side. We are developing our own artists in addition to working with other major-label talent."



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