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Sterl Gotti

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Growing up in Detroit, life was far from perfect for young Sterl, but he made it work. “Detroit wasn’t the best place, of course,” he says, “but I had my mom and dad and I played basketball.” Music was always a part of his life, having grown up just a few blocks away from the hub of Motown, Hitsville U.S.A. He also came from a musically inclined family and would immediately hum the notes on key to songs he would hear, eventually moving over to playing instruments. “In middle school I played the trumpet, drums, and bass guitar,” he remembers, but basketball was at the forefront of his career aspirations to start. For years, basketball was his life, but priorities changed. Eventually, Sterl began dabbling in the streets, until he made a game-changing decision at 17 to leave that all behind and pursue music as his career. He began cutting songs and dropping them gradually over YouTube, pairing them with visuals filmed from around the way. His sound always lived at the intersection of Trap and Soul, as his rap influences vary from PNB Rock, A Boogie, and Lil Durk but are smoothed out by his love of the Motown greats. His goal from the start was to make songs that reflected that balance.

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