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1. How To Send Payment To Winners Circle Music

The preferred method for Winners Circle Music to accept payment is through Zelle.  If you already use Zelle to send payments through your bank, you can skip to the next section.  For those who are new to Zelle, visit to find set up instructions for your specific bank.  Zelle is only available for US banks.  If you are outside of the US, please contact for other options to pay.   Please send all Zelle payments to 

2. Sending A Test Payment (Optional)

This is an optional but recommended step, especially if this is your first time using Zelle or sending a wire transfer.  You can send a small test payment to and request a confirmation of the amount received before sending your entire payment.  Since only the sender and recipient will know the exact amount sent, this process removes opportunities for lost funds as a result of typos, errors and scams.  

We are not responsible for any payments lost due to errors made on your part.

3. Recurring Payments

All of our Access Passes and Studio Packages require recurring payments monthly.  The easiest way is to set up a recurring payment through Zelle so you don't need to send a new payment each month. This option will appear as a toggle when you are setting up your Zelle payment. 


Please send all payments to


Make sure to send the full amount for your tier. Pricing information available on /AccessPass and /Studios pages

Screenshot 2022-06-29 at 11.09.41 AM.jpeg
4. Managing Billing

You can cancel your subscription or change tiers at any time.  Your subscription fees are managed through Zelle via your own bank app.  If you would like to upgrade or downgrade tiers, please set up a new Payment in Zelle for the updated amount, and give us a heads up by messaging one of our Admins directly in Discord.

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