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A&R Position

Company Summary:

Winners Circle Music is the publishing-management enclave that’s home to the Grammy producers and songwriters behind todays trendsetting hits. To date, we have amassed over 94 platinum records, 53 gold-certified records, 76 Billboard #1 records, and 9 Grammy nominations to our credit.  As we work to expand our influence to new heights, we are seeking talented and driven individuals who have a strong desire to become the top of their field within the music industry. 

Position Summary:

The ideal A&R candidate will be highly creative but have a strong business sense, communication skills, and follow-through. They will be an expert in Hip Hop and Rnb and have a deep understanding of and relationships with those genres’ key players and marketplace trends. They will have forward-thinking ideas on how to identify, select and guide artists and songwriters to commercial success.


Core Responsibilities:

• Identify and sign new artists and songwriters that stand out as unique and individual.

• Meet and correspond with potential and existing artists and songwriters to establish trusted relationships.

• Attend regular A&R and other creative meetings to ensure strong communication with the entire Winners Circle team.

• Maintain a professional, consistent, ethical style of operation, operating with integrity within our company, the creative community and with our artists and songwriters.

• Maintain awareness and understanding of modern musical, cultural, technological and production trends to keep our artists, their songs and their production values relevant.

• Maintain strong relationships with label A&R people, managers, producers, songwriters and other creatives while constantly developing new contacts to expand.


Preferred Qualifications:

• Deep knowledge of and passion for Music industry and cultural trends

• Passion for record consumption data and the ability to scout using various social networking sites

• Strong analytical skills

• Strong communication skills

• Strong presentation skills

• Self-starter mentality and drive

• Willing to travel occasionally

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