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Diamond Access Pass

The Diamond Tier is for producers who have demonstrated exceptional ability and are ready to take their careers to the next level with the help of professional management and publishing infrastructure. As a Diamond Tier member, you'll have access to additional submission channels such as sync licensing, as well as in-house management and legal advice for interactions with major labels. This Access Pass is designed to help you succeed in the music industry by providing the resources and support you need to take your career to the next level.


due monthly on the day your subscription was activated

Guidance To Improve Your Craft

Insight on billboard level songwriting and beat-making 

Guides on sound selection, arrangement, and mixing


Ongoing Mentorship & Feedback

receive A&R-style constructive feedback on one track per week via email and preview unreleased beats from the Winners Circle Music catalog. This will give you access to exclusive resources and help you improve your skills and stay ahead of the curve in the music industry.


Monthly Studio Time

10, 4-hour studio sessions per month, providing you with ample opportunity to work on your music and hone your skills in a professional setting. You'll also receive in-person mentorship and consultations, giving you personalized guidance and support as you take your career to the next level. This is an exceptional opportunity for producers who want to improve their craft and achieve success in the music industry


Networking and Collaboration

access to our Discord group where you can connect with other Platinum and Diamond Tier members and find new opportunities to grow your network and advance your career. You'll also have the chance to practice working with writers and producers and gain in-studio experience, helping you develop the skills and connections you need to succeed in the music industry.


Industry Resources

access to management and legal advice for major placements, as well as sync licensing and publishing opportunities for your music. These resources will help you navigate the industry, secure high-profile placements, and protect your rights as a producer.


Placement Opportunities

submit your work for placement with major labels and have access to samples and loops from our Winners Circle producers. These resources will give you a competitive edge and help you create professional-quality music that stands out in the industry.

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